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About Us

Once upon a time, deep in the mystical woods of Seattle, a brotherhood united by their profound passion for golf, known as "The Golfstrz," dreamt of creating a golf brand that would enchant enthusiasts worldwide. Gathered beneath the ancient maple's canopy, they designed a logo to capture the soul of the game. A golfer in mid-swing, framed by golden rays, embodied their enduring love.

The journey to this point began with their evolution as golf lovers. From novices learning the game's intricacies to seasoned players perfecting their skills, the brothers' shared experiences forged a deep camaraderie. They reveled in the thrill of executing the perfect putt and the tranquility of the greens.

The logo was born from their desire to pass on this love to future generations. It featured a spectral green circle, symbolizing their connection to the course, and a subtle heart paying tribute to their profound affection for golf. The color palette mirrored the mysterious landscape, and they embarked on a quest to share their love through apparel.

The Golfers' Haven, an emblem of unity, thrived as a testament to their devotion. With each swing, they passed down their shared passion to their children, reminding all that the heart of golf beats with timeless allure. It wasn't just a game; it was a legacy, a connection, and a love that transcended generations, under the eternal canopy of those mystical Seattle woods.

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